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Kon hai ye APKA APNA Attar wala?

Travel back in time when kings and aristocrats had their personal Attarwalas, each from a different part of the country, showcasing attars with royal finesse. At Attarwala, we revive this vintage essence, seamlessly blending the charm of yesteryears with the spirit of today. Our Attarwala, crafts scents that transcend time and socioeconomic boundaries, making every Indian feel like royalty. Experience the nostalgia, and charm of our perfumer, bringing the regal touch to the modern era.

Aur Padhlo!

Our Collections

पूजा ke इत्र

Sattvaa, our divine Pooja Attars Collection, echoes 'सुगंधिम् पुष्टि वर्धनम्' infusing sacred rituals with heavenly fragrances. Crafted with precision and devotion, these attars transcend the material, inviting a divine connection into every prayer.

Hari Om !

परिधान इत्र

Apparel Attars

Indulge in contemporary elegance with Vastraa, our modern Apparel Collection. Infused with a blend of Western allure and Indian perfumery, Vastraa offers stylish tailored fragrances for the present. Vastraa is a perfect fusion of Western chic and Indian soul, where every attar embodies a blend of today's trends and timelessness.

Khareede ?

Scented Stories, Unveiled Gracefully"

Humare Attar, ek kala ka prateerth hai, har khushboo ke saath.
Dive karo ek duniya mein, jahan har bottle hai ek kahani ka hissa hai.
Har bottle mein chhupi hai hamari brand ki visheshata.

और खोज करे